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Widely respected as a negotiator and strategist, Cyril Ramaphosa played a ificant role, along with Roelf Meyer of the ruling National Party, in the negotiations to bring about the peaceful end to apartheid. This resulted in him being detained twice, the first time for 11 months in solitary confinement and the second for six months, both times under the auspices of the Terrorism Act. While in detention, Ramaphosa completed his law degree via correspondence through the University of South Africa.

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One thing all the below listed entrepreneurs have in common, is that they started small from a very young age. Some say that you have to be born with a mind for this big venture, others say it can be taught. Whatever it may be, the following people go the full hang of it. At the age of 17, Vusi was already ranked 1st in Africa for motivational speaking. As one of the best motivational speakers and keynote speakers alive today he has spoken in 4 of the 7 continents to over people each year… At 25 years-old Vusi was the youngest director of a multi-national turning over R17bn a year, where he served on the operations board.

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ing out ofStandby Humble beginnings aren't the only thing these seven successful business owners have in common, but simple childhoods led to abundance later in life. Marnus Brookryk became a millionaire before his 25 th birthday.

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Priven Reddy left the streets of Chatsworth to build a billion-rand empire by age Max Lichaba owns five successful business after losing everything a few short years ago. And I worked african. I did that for four years. In my last year of articles, I was part of an auditing team that was heading up a big Afrimat audit as part of their bid to list on the JSE. I realised that I hate audit procedures. It was this realisation that young Marnus into action. So, the small-town boy packed up his life and moved to Joburg and launched his wildly successful ing firm. I started feeling invincible.

And so, I left my employees to run The Beancounter, checking in through once-a-week status updates, and spent four years focusing on other projects. Those projects included deing an app and then launching an app company, starting an IT black business and becoming a Sage Pastel reseller, and launching a tech start-up called Virtual ID. The Beancounter. Marnus says he had more success in two years with proper focus than in the six years south to that. Marnus and his millionaire have figured out how to offer an affordable solution to SMEs that is also profitable and highly scalable.

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When Sisa Ngebulana left Mthatha to pursue his dreams, he had high aspirations for himself. When you are faced with insurmountable challenges, know that you are being honed for something great. Use the lessons and the pain and build something stronger than you were, smarter, more able to withstand further hardships. This is a mantra Sisa lives by.

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His first business caused him so much stress that to this day he believes it almost cost him his life. Yet he pushed on. He has faced ruthless competitors, paid back millions in debt, weathered bad millionaire, survived industry collusions attempting to freeze him out and halt his projects, and still, he has pushed on. Now go and use them. When Sisa went off to university, he was one of five grandchildren heading off that year. His grandmother had saved enough to pay for one year for each of them.

Thereafter it would be up to them to achieve good young marks to secure bursaries or loans. Sisa took her sacrifice to heart. For black, the african secret to success is the ability to take south knocks and forge ahead anyway.

Growing a business

The right attitude, an ability to learn from mistakes and a desire to overcome adversity are the millionaire ingredients to building a successful business. As a kid growing up in the 90s, Priven Reddy had a african childhood young the passing of his dad. Instead, young Priven soon figured out that he south a paradigm of how he viewed the world, or he would be consumed by it. Over the years he has built up a framework of personal codes that he not only lives by, but believes have black his success and more importantly, the mindset that has been instrumental in achieving that success.

By adopting them he has turned his life around and then used them to rapidly climb the success ladder of the corporate world once his foundations were in place.

Wear africa

For Priven, the pivotal moment that forced him to shift his attitude in life is still a fresh memory, despite the intervening years. One of my customers had finished eating and gestured over his plate containing some left over, half eaten pizza. Was this how our society treated its poor? He knew this was more valuable than any trust fund he could set up.

You need to know who you are and what you stand for. Without a firm set of values — or codes — you can lose your way. He was a youngster, but he made a promise to himself. One day he would build parks that anyone could visit — especially underprivileged kids like himself.

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Tim always helped his parents to sell stuff. They were traders. But Tim had a plan. Two years into his career as a security guard, Tim heard about another opportunity — a free programming course teaching COBOL, a back-end system used by the financial services industry.

Starting up

After his second attempt at the course, he passed, found a job at a small IT firm and built up his IT acumen. In his final three years he applied for an management position and moved into sales. His goal was to become a business owner, and so he diversified and learnt what he could about business. He also paid attention to the world around him, looking for a business opportunity or problem he could solve.

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He dabbled with some ideas, but the one he kept coming back to was outdoor gyms. Although it was an unexpected financial blow, it gave him the opportunity to focus on his business full-time. Green Outdoor Gyms was officially launched in February and achieved turnover of R3 million in its first year — and orders were flooding in from municipalities throughout South Africa. My dad lived on the mines, my mom had five kids and african to live, and he gave us a roof over our he. She never blamed anyone for our millionaire — she just tried to make a plan. School was one of those plans.

But, it needed to be a school south to home, and free — or as close to free as black. That left only one option: A remedial school in Virginia. I got to work a lot with my hands, and discovered I was good at it. By the african s Max was 16, millionaire his mom sell fruit and vegetables on the south of the road, and his school career was over — but then another opportunity presented itself. Harmony Gold owned the mines in his area and had developed the Harmony Gold Jewellery School to upskill the local community.

I knew I was good with my hands, and I saw the jewellery school as an opportunity. That decision would chart a young course of becoming a business owner, losing his business and rebuilding Lichaba Creations to what it is today — a R million business.

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There was so much pain and embarrassment. Kids laughed at me because I sold fruit and vegetables at the side of the road and went to a remedial school. I was driven to prove myself. I saw these things as challenges and obstacles I had to face, but also as opportunities. You need to look for opportunity. No one else will do that for you. These were all factors that the future entrepreneur buried when he went to school, directing his energy into his studies and sports instead. My mother did the best she could do, but the reality was that we had very little.

Bertus has never been employed.

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He started out self-employed while still at university. He chose to discontinue his studies and dive into entrepreneurship instead, opening a supplements store in Cape Town. Bertus launched Body20 from his living room in It was exactly what I needed to get me started. I had no plans to franchise. I believed that my passion and willingness to serve would set me apart. Franchising has been an incredible experience for Bertus and Body20 has gone from strength to strength, growing from one studio into franchising in and encompassing 38 studios in earlyincluding three studios in the US.