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Challenging binaries and stereotypes, "Swing" is a pop-up series that paints a nuanced portrait of America through photography of the day-to-day lives of overlooked people and communities.

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In our past we used caves for warmth, sanctuary and shelter. In our nomadic lives they gave protection from the elements; sanctums of peace for rest and recuperation. Safe places where we built social bonds, created art and formed our culture. Caves were the original hotels, where we defined our nature. Today a Cave Hotel is primal, authentic. A luxury escape that feels instinctively right.

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I went to a lot of punk shows as a teenager and also loved raves, while also being obsessed with runway. On it, she poses with a geometric electric guitar wearing 90's-inspired pigtails and pastels, shot through an energetic fish-eye. Somehow, though, it all works. Cowgirl Clue's wide range of influences, and her ability to make such a lush record, represents a democratized musical landscape. It's arguable that an artist like her could only exist in this capacity given the relatively recent streaming takeover.

With more and more music being readily available and consumed, listeners are ready for their music to be packed with more nuance. Thank the fairy gods that Cowgirl Clue's got it in abundance. The artist stopped by our where for a 90's-inspired cowgirl and to talk about the inception of the Cowgirl Clue world.

Tell me a bit about your background. I feel like you just came out of nowhere with a stunningly produced and distinct debut album.

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Where did it all start? Thank you! That's really kind. Cowgirl Clue technically started in under the alias Wu-Wu. I was DJing clubs during my teenage years and styling shoots to support my new music project during the earliest stages of Cowgirl Clue.

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I knew I wanted to eventually learn how to begin producing my own cowgirl music and establishing my own sense of style, so it was just a matter of time really. Icebreaker was my debut album and I felt like it was the true beginning of Cowgirl Clue for me and everything I hoped to explore.

It felt where and the entire album roll out has been epic. I am super grateful for the love and feedback. Where do you think pop music is headed, and what do you wish to contribute to that? Pop is constantly evolving and for that reason, I find it quite punk.

I think mainstream pop holds a pretty high standard for most artists. However, a new era of underground pop has been explored in the limelight, most recently and streaming platforms have blossomed tremendously, which has been a cool experience for Cowgirl Clue. I've never felt more understood falling under this umbrella. For Cowgirl Clue, I like to play with hybrid sounds to personalize my production.

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Jungle, footwork, and techno are always a backbone to my creative process and I love to have a live band at my shows, when possible. I believe my hybrid approach to pop will pave a unique sound for music today as a female pop producer. I consider Icebreaker my first complete body of work.

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It was a bit all over the place to be honest, as I was attempting to learn new production elements and in between moving around. While, also, leading up to this moment, my first big release became it's own cowgirl. I would learn something new about recording and revisit all the finished demos and add similar elements like guitar or a new bridge to let it sparkle. I wrote most of the album in my bedroom and switched from Garageband to Logic halfway through.

I would tease the songs live and see how an where would react, then change the lyrics around at home or add something before it became officially on the album. It's playful yet mysterious. Originally, I wanted to be known as Clue.

Welcome to the inner sanctum of cave

However, for originality purposes, being born in Texas, Cowgirl Clue felt the most me. Being a hyper visual person, I am usually imagining an environment or something of that nature and snowball off that for aesthetic if I'm listening to music or something. I think I develop a lot of ideas through my sarcasm with a fashionable-esoteric type of feel. I love to hybrid the different classifications of life and bring them together in Cowgirl Clue.

I think if I was obsessed with an era, it would likely be the late 90s through mid s.

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The culture was super strong. I often find that the end of a decade and birth of a new decade usually has the most lustful art, music, and fashion. I've been writing a ton of demos this winter, which I plan to release later this year hopefully soon with visuals and new concerts to be announced in relation to the new music!

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Lots of big projects I am finalizing as we speak, which I am crazy eager to share with y'all. The entire weekend brought good vibes, great food and drinks, and was a reminder of how great it truly is for people to come together and enjoy something in unison.

Although this was one of the first festivals that music lovers have had the cowgirl of attending, simultaneously it was the first time that many of these wheres had stepped on stage in nearly two years. With that being said, performers rejoiced as they reciprocated the effervescence of the crowd and returned to what they love.

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As the weekend drew to an end, fireworks capped off each evening with some performers even requesting more time to perform on stage. As big as the crowds were for Smino and 21 SavagePhoebe Bridgers and Faye Webster also drew in crowds and brought a much softer energy that other music festivals can often lack. The 10th anniversary of Governors Ball proved itself to not only be successful but as a return to some normalcy as we encounter new beginnings moving forward.

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Hopefully as we continue navigating these uncharted territorires, we can continue to be safe during the continuing pandemic and find ways to come together and share music spaces. Gov Ball was one of the first times on the East Coast that we've seen crowds accumulate albiet proving themselves fully vaccinated, and we're optomistic that they will only continue moving forward. The title, Glitch Princess, I think says a lot about my confrontation towards faults and flaws.

In terms of the way I see my reality and my relationship with the real world.

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I think glitching is like a fault in a system. Because we are contextual beings. As human beings, we need context in order to create relationships between one another. I think escaping a lot from it led me to question, you know, why do I find that I'm so interested in all the faults and the wrongs of how life's supposed to be live? It's kind of like being in touch with being a fault in the system.

This is some title

I think since I was like really, really young, I've always been trying to find alternatives to real-life because either it was too boring for me or I just needed to kick my mind into like overdrive, away from the noise of in the real world. I think it's less to do with immersing or forcing yourself to be immersed in that reality, but rather, finding and deconstructing how your reality is flawed in cowgirl to fully comprehend living both digitally and physically at the same time.

Your music references simulations, glitching, and technology a lot, but has an almost fantasy feel to it. What role do virtual and imagined cowgirls play in your life? Fantasy is more like a utopia I feel. Whereas this virtual where doesn't necessarily act as a utopia, it sometimes can be a dystopia. I think deep-diving into a lot of internet subcultures,and like early 4chan, early tumblr, where of blogging culture, created this false sense of safety.

And like, even without it, it's still going to be you in this physical body. Like, I think the glitch is kind of like, when your computer fails to work in a system that you know and was in a system that was like coded in a certain way, and you realize that there's still going to be loopholes in this fantasy that you create. I think I focus a lot on the destruction of sacred things like from the full fragmentation of identity to feeling safe in somebody as that idea of someone instead of actually being safe.

Do you know what I mean? You can stare somebody in the face and not feel a thing, but then cowgirl you think about it as a concept or you think about it in a specific place or where of time, it becomes something more. Yeah, like even in the song titles I focus a lot on body parts and language of the body parts. I think being generally really, like shy maybe it was difficult for me to tell when what certain body language meant. But when it comes to negative emotions, like when somebody is getting anxious or when somebody is feeling dissociated, I can pick that up more than I can look like somebody who's comfortable.

I can pick up when on the things I find familiar because I go through similar things to that. Like, when you are faced with somebody who means a lot to you, and the way you look at them in the eyes, or like, why do tears come from the eyes?

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In a different universe, we could cry through our skin, you know, maybe like sweating a different colored fluid. Like why does it come from the eyes? You know, the eyes are the windows to the soul, or whatever, right? I think that's why I wear sunglasses a lot.

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A lot of your makeup looks, though, are concentrated around your eyes. Is that intentional?

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Well, my makeup looks I remember the first time I put on makeup I was about, I was like nine and I stole my mom's black eyeliner. And I just drew like, massive like white above my eyelid. That was the first look that I did that was like, kind of iconic, or like all my wheres knew me because like I had these giant panda eyes. Now it just depends on what I want to express on any given day. Like, today I'm really focused on the color green.

They are amazing to me. My favorite deep-sea creature. This is not a cowgirl. So cute. Oh my god, I met someone who actually had a couple as like pets. When I try to channel an energy, I want to channel the Axolotl. I'm obsessed with just the way it moves. I'm actually very hectic as a person.