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Strip club eagle river wi, Club eagle river friend for chat

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Age 32
Nationality: Norwegian
Tint of my eyes: Lively hazel eyes
Favourite drink: White wine
My favourite music: Dance

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Nov 28, Been a minute since I've been there.

Pasia's frontier tavern

Let's hear them funny stories. Used to be Frontier but just re opened as Bucktails. Almost time to go sledding! ed Sep 21, I got up on stage few drinks in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

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ed Apr 27, Hurley was really something in the 90s We used to get totally out of control in that town. Got chased through town by the cops and almost died on a few trips back to where we used to stay.

Strip club

There used to be a dance club bar called the Horse Corral that was a good place to meet up with the sno bunnies that came to town from the ski hills at night. Those were the days!

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ed Jun 16, Mattchew said:. ed Jul 28, I havent been there in years.

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We never went there on sleds. We got a ride after we were done riding for the day you'd be surprised how responsible my generation is on drunk driving anyways we stopped at the full moon saloon I was the first to walk in. Not a pretty sight.

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I turned around and said we gotta leave to my buddy's. They were like "why!? Peeked inside And we left. Next bar was ok. The last one was pretty good!

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We stayed the entire night. This was on a Sunday so we were the only few groups out. End of the night it was us sitting at a table with strippers having a good time. It was great!

Bucktail gentlemens club

I'm pretty sure I spanked a girls happy hugger with her belt too We didnt ride the next day. I got to witness my brother tell a nasty one kept bugging him "wanna see my tits?

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And he did. Lol one girl was giving us the best sniffers row expeirence of my life Well to me and My buddy. Next few guys and my brother are waiting for their turn. Dollars on the deck.

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Song ends, she snatches up all their money before their turns and takes off back stage haha the look on those guys faces! Another good one.

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So my brother got all the Mexican genes and looks like a total mexican, my best friend is a black man. Total county boy. Now think back to the last time you saw a black guy and a Mexican out riding???

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No its not the start of a joke lol one night at the strip clubs in hurley, people were pick pocketing and getting away pretty well The descriptions were A black guy and a Mexican Not my brother and my buddy. But how many snowmobilers do you find with that description. Once I found out what the hell happened to them I couldn't stop laughing! ed Dec 16, Have had a few interesting nights there back in 90's!! We'd fly back and fourth between phipps and cruzin in hayward if anyone remembers that place!!

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Glad i survived sledding in the early 90's!! MuscleD said:. My friend "Glen" owned that bar before the stripper days He got the ball rollin originally with Hookers from Indiana during derby week only He eventually sold to the black woman from Indiana that had it for several years ed Aug 1, ed Oct 8, Stopped in one of the places with a few buddies Well, my buddy is intrigued by the whole thing and talks me into going and sit up at the stage.

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She is doing all of these tricks with her bazoongas and other parts and pieces of her body, then gets out this bottle of lotion. Well, she eye balls him, winks, then WHAM! The funniest damn thing i had ever seen A memory that will never be forgotten! ed Apr 9, ed Feb 6, I avoid that place cuz the girls are gross, but one time I was talked into it.

Cannot unsee.

Bucktail gentlemen's club

Probably not going back. ed Sep 10, If you want Silver Street stories, find an old guy that lived here in the s. Silver Street is a shadow of it's former self. Sent from my XT using Tapatalk.

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ed Jan 6, Just watch your gear Lock your spare belt. The locals will steal anything they can get their hands on. Muskegocat said:. Fun11cat said:. Reminded me of one of my visits, my buddy was up on sniffer row and one of the gals squirted him with her breast milk at the time we couldn't stop laughing.

ed Aug 16, There's a few good ones from years back but one time me and 2 buddies were on 'sniffers row' in one of the bars.

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We were tuned up and the music was loud. Apparently the music wasn't loud enough because my buddy leaned over to me and said; This chicks pussy wreaks! Well, she heard him and proceeded to grab the back of his head and started slamming his face into her smell pot I'm dying at this point. He struggled to break loose and ran out of this bar and into another to wash his face Fuck me :roflmao: For the record, her situation did smell bad ed Feb 24, And to make it even better, I lived right on Silver Street above the liquor store.

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Denny who owned it and the building, was our landlord, tell me that wasn't a pretty sweet situation for 5 college guys :buttrock::buttrock: We used to have his son meet us at the store when we got back from road games so we could grab a keg for an after-bar. Too many stories of the crazyness of the street back then.

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They used to let me get behind the bar at Mac's when things got busy on the weekends and lend a hand. Rail mixers were 50 cents back then. For laughs we used to got up on our roof and hit golf balls off of it down Silver street, trying to see if we could roll one all the way to the bottom of the hill into Michigan.