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It also plans to debut 10 other off-mall test stores by the end of next year. The new stores will sport a new look for the chain, which last month launched its VC Ambassador campaign featuring a wide variety of role models as a means to pivot away from its longtime Angels campaign. The new imagery is being brought to stores with mannequins, for example, displaying lingerie in different sizes and shapes.

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Most people know Victoria's Secret for employing some of the most beautiful women on the planet in pursuit of getting the rest of the women on the planet and the men awkwardly shopping for them to purchase various sexy underthings.

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However, most people don't know what it's like to work there. As a three-year veteran Victoria's Secret sales associatemy retail job involved mundane tasks like folding clothes and ringing at the register. But friends, boyfriends, and family members bombarded me with other inquires: how many boobs do you see a day? Do you think it's creepy when men come in?

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What's it like working there? Behold: behind-the-scenes shocks, perks, and "secrets" of the most famous lingerie shop around. Working the fitting rooms is a nightmare Brooke: "Some very weird stuff went down in those seemingly glamorous fitting rooms. We're talking girls conducting lingerie photo shoots. Men trying on bras and… simultaneously touching certain body parts. Couples attempting to have sex on the velour benches. There's no way that would happen at The Gap -- Victoria's Secret's innate sex appeal makes people extra frisky.

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There's a reason you have to be 18 to work there. Cassandra: "It was too close for comfort at times -- some women had NO shame. They'd be ass naked and call you into their 2x4 rooms, ask for a bra measurement with their boobs out something that's supposed to be done clothedthen have you watch as they tried on 10 different styles of lingerie. Such experiences left me with a vehement fear of being touched by strangers. Julie: "It was unbelievable how much expensive merchandise was just carelessly left in piles on the fitting-room floors. The closing shift associate zoned there had to put every last lacy corset back on a hanger and would often have to work late.

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Cleaning up after adults isn't in the job description and it felt degrading. I'm now overly conscious as a shopper to re-hang anything I ever try on. But the clients who treated me with respect -- that's who I would scour the stock room for in search of that lime-green demi bra in a 34C. If you're rude, I'll tell you everything we have is already out so I don't have to walk sexy there in heels. I remember one mom was shopping for Pink sweats to surprise her daughter because she had just gotten into college -- coincidentally, the school I went to.

So I happily wrapped her gift with a big bow. Connect with us and keep our jobs interesting -- putting sensors on bras all day gets mind-numbing! If you're not nice, they'll use their heets to warn each other Brooke: "We used our heets to do merchandise checks in the stockroom, as well as to let an associate in another zone know if we were sending a client her way. But if said client was testy, we'd give comical warning.

Like, 'Julie, there is a mall who both looks and barks like a Pomeranian looking mom a black Angels bra in a 36D. I wasn't dating victoria at the time, so it was sweet to see a guy do something to make a woman feel sexy at the expense of his own comfort.

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I enjoyed chatting with these men about what mom thought was hot, or what their girlfriends liked, or what the special occasion was. Then I'd picture my next boyfriend sexy the same for me. Sure, it was my job to help them pick out ladies underwear, but these guys trusted me to help them make very personal decisions; it was flattering in a way. Brooke: "Women know the lingerie ropes and sometimes didn't want our help, while the male clientele were the easiest to upsell: 'How about a garter and thigh highs to coordinate with that corset?

Associates didn't make commission, but I victoria make a game out of it because big sales meant Starbucks gift cards from my manager. One time, a year-old boy who could barely see mall the cash wrap informed me he wanted to buy lingerie for his 'future wife' because I looked just like her. Meanwhile, his friend was hiding behind the panty bar filming it on an iPhone. They thought they were hilarious. Jane: "We dealt with a lot of prank calls.

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If I had a nickel for every time I picked up the phone and a giggling human asked me, 'So, what is Victoria's secret?! Intimate-apparel shoppers share intimate details Brooke: "Shopping for lingerie is very different from shopping for corduroys. Undergarments are sexy and personal -- and clients are giving employees a peek into their personal worlds just by entering VS. The intimacy of the experience and the store makes people feel comfortable oversharing.

Some women would describe the fantasies they wanted to play out with certain outfits, or give TMI medical explanations about why they can't wear satin 'down there.

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It wasn't all bad, though. Some clients shared enriching stories about needing new intimate wardrobes after losing weight or surviving a battle with breast cancer. It was awkward and pissed a lot of shoppers off -- I can't say I blame them. No means no! Brooke: "A lot of foreigners would agree to open Angel Cards after we sold them on all the coupons they'd subsequently get in the mail.

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Many of them didn't speak English and I'd wonder if they knew what they were ing up for. Not paying your bill on time can destroy your credit and it felt morally wrong to mislead people just to get our store s up. But so many clients expected to be hand-held by the same associate as they perused six rooms' worth of lingerie. I recall one woman calling me rude for politely handing her off to another associate in the Sexy Little Things section, but I was just doing my job.

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Employees are trained to stay in our ased zones to prevent shoplifting. Julie: "There was definitely a hierarchy within zones.

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Employees with the highest sales s were put in the front of the store by the ature Body collection because it got the most foot traffic -- one time I was zoned there and got sent home early by my manager because my conversion rate was slacking. The beauty room was boring because no one wants your help picking out perfume; I'd end up using all the makeup testers to pass the time.

Cassandra: "Working in the stockroom was my favorite.

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It was just a matter of organizing merchandise, checking out the new product, steaming silk robes, and best of all, not interacting with needy customers. Jane: "We received a lot of the newly launched merchandise for free and got paid to learn about each one. Julie: "The semi-annual sales were hell on Earth to work because shoppers would ransack and trash the store -- but as a thank-you for working hard, our managers would open an hour early the first day of the sale to let us shop and get victoria malls on the best merchandise.

We'd close the store, order pizza, and dance on the hot-pink carpet mom music. But once midnight hit, we'd be hopped up on Red Bull and sexy elbows-deep in G-strings, dreading working the floor again the next day. But those were the nights that really brought us together as teammates and friends. Make Fun. Thrillist Serves. Social Media Links.