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Quick cash for diabetic test strips, I Quick like date for that strips diabetic

Welcome to Test Strips 4 Moneywe are the trusted company to get cash for test strips. We also offer a convenient toll-free for your orders and information along with friendly service.

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See All Reviews. At the same time, we can help those without insurance or money a way to get their diabetic test strips at a reasonable cost. We offer both a solution and make it easy for them to sell diabetic supplies for cash, to get cash for strips. We have been in business buying diabetic test strips for nearly 11 years in the southwest locally, and nationwide for the past 4 years and look forward to earning your trust when you are selling test strips. If you want to sell test strips, we can help!

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Now our talented cartoonist, D-Advocate and correspondent Mike Lawson offered to make that happen by following up on one of these surprising road-side s.

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Read on to discover what Mike found out! I felt like Woodward. No…I felt like Bernstein. It is not illegal for companies to buy and sell test strips like this — although the companies are required to register with the FDA and many fail to do so — yet this transaction still felt a little shady.

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Stephanie also told me that the price paid for strips varied based on the brand and the expiration date. But are the quality products?

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But David Winmill, a nurse practitioner and Certified Diabetes Educator that practices in Ogden, Utah, says patients need to be skeptical when they purchase testing supplies online from supply resellers. Test strips that are expired, exposed to heat, or used on a meter other than the one they were made for can produce inaccurate .

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Despite the risks of using second-hand supplies, the soaring cost of being a healthy diabetic explains why this black market has developed. People with diabetes PWDs are receiving test strips for free or highly discounted using Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance and then selling them to companies that will resell them to uninsured or underinsured people at a price that is still lower than retail price. The seller makes a little cash, and the buyer gets a nice discount, so everybody wins, right? She buys her testing supplies online because of the savings.

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She told me that if she discovered that the supplier had sold her defective or expired strips, she would simply find a new online supplier, because paying full-price for strips is not an option. Do I need an alias?

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Do I need a trench coat or disguise? What if this is a setup?

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Just before I talked myself into leaving, a white unmarked Honda Accord pulled up next to me. It was Marcus, the courier. Marcus, I learned, does not work for the company that purchases the strips or hangs the s.

Cash for test strips: quick

The diabetes supply reseller pays a courier company that Marcus works for to pick up supplies. He examined the box — they only buy unexpired and sealed boxes of strips and lancets.

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I asked Marcus if his courier company did a lot of pickups like this one. And no surprise I also had trouble getting anyone on the inside of this business to talk to me.

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When I attempted to contact five different online resellers to talk about safety concerns or get them to explain their processes, not one of them returned my s or calls. A slow economy and high unemployment rate has been bad for many Americans, and that is certainly true for PWDs.

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They want to help themselves. He suggested that before PWDs turn to test strip resellers on the Internet — or the side of the road — they try communicating with their healthcare providers. Patients can apply for prescription savings programs like Together Rx Access or the national Partnership for Prescription Assistance programwhich offer discounts on many different brand-name and generic prescription products at the pharmacy.

Beyond test strip savings, patients in need can also apply for assistance from a handful of companies that make their drugs.

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Some other options for savings on diabetes meds can be found here. There have been many songs dedicated to type 1 diabetes over the years. Learn how and why exercise can sometimes make your blood sugar go up instead of down with type 1 diabetes. A Seattle startup believes it has the key to creating glucose monitoring for diabetes with no needles.

Sell your extra unused diabetic supplies and get paid fast!

Everything you need to know about infusion sets for insulin pumps for people with diabetes. Pedicures, massages, body wraps — are all these wellness and beauty treatments safe with type 1 diabetes? Is glucose time in range TIR data finally ending the debate over low carb eating for diabetes? Health Conditions Discover Plan Connect.

Sell diabetic supplies

Written by Amy Tenderich — Updated on June 1, Mike Lawson. Read this next.

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Music as Medicine for Type 1 Diabetes There have been many songs dedicated to type 1 diabetes over the years. Medically reviewed by Marina Basina, MD. Know Labs Aims for Innovative Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring A Seattle startup believes it has the key to creating glucose monitoring for diabetes with no needles. How to Enjoy Spa Treatments Safely with Type 1 Diabetes Pedicures, massages, body wraps — are all these wellness and beauty treatments safe with type 1 diabetes?