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Hook up crossfire, I looking up somebody that hooks crossfire

Why would you still want to use it?

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I will show you how to connect Crossfire receiver to flight controller and configure it in Betaflight. The same steps apply to other OpenTX radios. The Crossfire operates at the MHz band, the low frequency means excellent al penetration ability through obstacles.

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Hold the two crossfire trim switches towards one another, and power on. Plug your USB into the Taranis and into your hook, and in OpenTX Companion, press the button with the gear, radio, and red arrow — which is to write firmware to radio, and follow the instructions to download the firmware, and write it to your radio. You would have downloaded the SD Card contents file, so unzip that file, and copy the contents over to your SD card. Note that your SD card may show up as two separate drives — one called Taranis, which has just two files in it, and another one name will vary which has all the folders.

Copy into the one with the folders, and overwrite.

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At the back of your Taranis Q X7 and X9D, there is a little hatch that opens up to reveal slot for inserting a module. Screw on the antenna that came with the Crossfire, and power on your radio.

Open up the TBS Agent, and follow the instructions to update the firmware. The TBS Crossfire Micro receiver is a fantastically tiny receiver that still supports the entire Crossfire Protocol — and wiring it up is super easy.

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The next third wire is Channel 1, which is the Transmit hook radio als will come on this wirewhich you need to wire up to any free RX UART on your flight controller. Finally, if you crossfire to use SmartAudio, then hook up the last Channel 4 wire directly to the SmartAudio wire on your video transmitter. To bind the Crossfire to your transmitter, you can do it using the large button on the back of the module, or do it through the Taranis LUA script.

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It should now detect your Crossfire module and present you with a menu to choose between the TX or the RX. Note: If you are running a Taranis Q X7, you may just get a message that the hook is looking for the Crossfire module. If this is the case, make sure that. Run the script again and it should now crossfire. Press and hold the Bind button on the receiver until the light starts flashing.

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It may ask you to update the receiver — go ahead and update it. You can also change settings here such as the region and the frequency you are running. To set the failsafe, first make sure the receiver is powered on and bound to your transmitter, then head back into the folder housing the Crossfire script and run the script.

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Scroll down to where it says Failsafe Mode, and set it to Cut. This will kill the al as soon as the link has broken, so your quad will drop out of the sky. In this case, you can either solder a tiny little component to inside of your radio, OR do a little software mod to get it to work, but with a bit more latency. You are already running the latest night build of OpenTX on your hook, and you have already updated your Crossfire Micro module. Change the Baudrate from to I have not done the hardware mod yet, but StingersSwarm has an excellent crossfire detailing how to do it:.


No luck with connecting tbs micro rx with revolt v2. Anything I missing?

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For my X7S opentx 2. I got my new crossfire system hooked up and everything works great on Taranis Qx7s but VTX screen on my Taranis is blank. How can I set it up? Hey, to be honest I was not able to figure out how to get that working either. If I do, I will post an update.

Why using sbus on crossfire receivers?

Thanks for helping. I thought it was hook to be hard to install crossfire but you made it easy understand. Is there a loss of range using the software mod over the component mod on the qx7? More latency equals more issues at crossfire There is no loss of range at all. Latency is just how fast the command reaches the craft from your radio — 10 ms latency means the craft will receive and act upon your input 10 ms after you give it.

However I was able to bind the crossfire module with the receiver drone. I did do the modifications myself soldering the wires and installing the telemetry mod. Could it be that I did not solder it properly? When I got to crossfire.

How to set up team blacksheep tbs crossfire system

Anything helps thanks! Table of Contents. Comments No luck with connecting tbs micro rx with revolt v2. Why would you need to enable soft serial on UART1? Hi Alex, There is no loss of range at all.