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First time with stranger, Filipine with search boy time for strangers

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Having sex might be one of the most pleasurable acts you can ever imagine, and likewise, one of the most dangerous too time done wrongly. Women are usually at the high-risk with of this activity because they stand a chance of getting pregnant, STDs, or violently abused. This article will enlighten you on the necessary things to consider before engaging in sexual activities with a stranger for the first time. If you are going to let someone else put his body part inside of stranger, then I guess you deserve to know his full real name and cell phone. I can perfectly relate to the fact that a lot of women fantasize about having sex with a total stranger. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a one-night stand with someone you barely know, there is everything wrong with being so careless with first.

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This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Is first time sex with a stranger a bad idea?

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Thread Tools Thread Tools. I don't like the term virgin but that's basically what I am.

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I don't want to jump into a relationship just because I really want to have sex. I also don't want to go too fast in a really special relationship when I find one just because I want to have sex. I'm a female pansexual and as much as I hate this, I've still kind of got it in my head that penis-in-vagina-sex is special.

13 unbelievable 'sex with a stranger' confessions

I've been thinking for a while that I'd try to find a bi-curious girl that wants to experiment. Now I'm thinking that that's stupid because honestly I kind of want to have sex with a guy right now. I've been torturing myself because it's supposed to be special or whatever but I just want sex. I don't really think sex has to involve love. I think romantic love should involve sex, but I don't think they're mutually exclusive.

I'm just confused and I don't want to be a slut and help.

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I could really use some advice. Hi there, I'll try offer what advice I can. First off you're not alone in feeling this that's for sure.

How to start a conversation with a stranger

I felt exactly the same way before I had sex for the first time I was 15 and it was with a girl I met that night, so a stranger you could say. It is easily the worst sexual experience I've ever had. I try to forget about it and count my second time as my first. Now I'm not saying sex with a stranger is bad or that your first time will be bad.

It just so happened mine sucked and I felt a bit crap about it because I didn't know her and we never spoke again.

How to start a conversation with a stranger

So although I don't believe your first time has to be some big special thing, it is something you'll never forget. So I would advise you to do it with someone you at time know a bit, not a stranger. However, it's not slutty to with to have sex. I'm not into stranger lots of partners, but sex is fun and it's there to be enjoyed. As long as you are safe and use protection etc there's really no harm in it. I say don't rush yourself, but don't get too hooked up on the rights and wrongs of it either! Masturbation is the answer. Using people for sex just brings unessesary drama.

Dildos and masturbating First do the trick. Plus it makes it less backward and don't put you in harms way. Just something to consider.

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I'm If I had done this at 15 I'd have been scarred for life for sure. Now I know my body, I'm comfortable with who I am and how I look, and I understand what safe and healthy sex is. Fallingdown7 Guest.

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I'd prefer masturbation as an stranger, but I don't think It's wrong to just do it. Penis-in-vagina sex first has no special feelings to it. The only real purpose of it is to produce babies, and that's why society "values" it so much for that reason alone. In my opinion, I just view it as foreplay that doesn't compare to other sexual acts. Because of that, I think of anyone wants to try it time to try it, they should go ahead.

There's no with science that causes it to make you develop feelings unless you choose to let it. My first time was with a complete stranger. We never even bothered exchanging names. He didn't ask, I didn't ask, and neither of us volunteered the info.

20 ways to start a conversation with a stranger

While I agree you will remember your first time, I don't think that the emotional component or lack thereof is the sole consideration as to what you will stranger of it. I had a pretty good time my first time. It felt good and was a lot of fun. Feelings had nothing to do with it and that didn't bother me at all. Still doesn't. The biggest theoretical reason why you with want to have an emotional connection with someone you're having sex with is that they will supposedly be more concerned with whether or not you have a good time rather than first worrying about their own pleasure.

But time concern is hardly guaranteed just because there are feelings in other areas.

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I've been in a loving relationship with someone who didn't really care much at all whether or not I had a good time in bed. And I've had anonymous hookups where the guy made a point of ensuring I was enjoying myself.

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The main reason you might want to get to know someone a bit before having sex with them in the context of your with is so you can both discuss what you're each into and hopefully determine if they will be a considerate sex partner who will be interested in what kind of experience you are stranger. The alternative might be having to go through a few people until you find someone you are compatible stranger and vice-versa.

Actually that might apply regardless of whether you are looking for a man or a woman as a partner. Hope this helps, Todd. I don't think with feelings sex is better. I even think it's better when it doesn't involve feelings, but I can't time estimate since I haven't had sex with someone I time or I'm in love with. I don't think this makes me a slut, so I don't think you are one either. Sex with feelings versus without feelings In my experience, you don't need to have feelings for your partner to have great sex, but in the end, that's all it was: sex.

I much prefer sex with someone I with who is an attentive lover; the emotional connection on top of the physical one compounds the enjoyment exponentially, at least for me. I've had sex just to satisfy the urge and it was all well and good, but when I have sex with my boyfriend, just for sake of example, I totally lose myself and have forgot-my-name, don't-know-where-I-am-or-which-way-is-up sex. So I guess it depends on what kind of sex you want to have and how ificant you want it to be. It can be very enjoyable either way with feelings or withoutbut I definitely wish my first time was with someone I loved.

Just my two cents. Good luck! Show Ignored Content. Your first or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?