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Angel witch thailand, Thailand angel looking witch boy for nsa

This renowned go go bar has some of the best live performances in Nana Plaza! Allow the hourly playful choreographed shows to entertain you, as you sip on your favorite drink from the bar. Laden with strictly black-leather clothing and rock classics, this is the ultimate spot to rock the night away.

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Angelwitch Gogo Bar is a rock themed bar located on the second floor of Nana Plaza. With about 20 girls, performances and rock music — its a great place to grab a beer and watch some girls dance. Angelwitch Gogo Bar does not have a lot of pretty girls or spinners like Billboard.

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Angelwitch 2 bangkok

Jimmy bloggo go barsreviews angel witch a gogobaccara barbada angelthailand bunniesbest go go barsbillboardnanapatpongshark barsoi cowboytilac bartitties in your facetwister bar 5 Comments. Though the witch remains; go go bars are the only venues in Bangkok to see naked Thai bar girls. You enjoy a cold beer, and be mesmerized by a bunch of firm perky titties and skinny asses shaking in your face. I still know which are the best bars in Bangkok angel sexy Thai girls showing off their tits.

The simple truth is, I prefer going to oil massage parlors in Phrom Phong red light district to bust a nut. Because today Thai bar girl prices for sex is not cheap. When you call a bar girl to sit with you, you have to buy her a drink. You can touch her and hold her tits and ass for a limited time until you buy her another drink. But a major cock tease. Bangkok actually has 5 red light districts but the 3 mentioned above are all about go go bars. I asked about thailand friends what their personal favorite go go bars are and than I combined them all with my list. Every dancer has a pinned to her witch.

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Could be less, depending on how angels girls are working. All girls have a schedule to get up on witch. The bar management frowns on that type of behavior. Once the price is agreed you pay the bar fine along thailand the total amount for drinks ordered. That said, a nice tailor made suit will definitely attract the attention of bar girls. I know plenty of friends get well dressed for kicks. You can too for fun. But for all you newbies out there, be warned. Bangkok can get really hot and humid which is not ideal for suit wear. If you enjoy the feeling of sweat running from your head down to your ass crack go for it.

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Shark Bar has a reputation for employing the most attractive bar girls in Soi Cowboy. The second floor has about a dozen girls. Shark Bar girls wear see through flimsy tops. So you can still see their fun bags in all its glory.

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At Shark Bar I always take a seat by the stairs on the stage where the girls walk down and up. This little area is between the bar and the stage. This way I can have a real good look at the bar girls. There are a bunch of other guys with the same idea. Shark Bar gets packed with lots of customer from Japan and Korea.

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When that happens, I just head over to the second best go go bar in Bangkok next door, Baccara Bar. Just right next door is Baccara Bar and there are lots of bar girls to check out. One can easily think Baccara is possibly one of the best bars in Soi Cowboy judging from the amount of customers inside.

There is an upstairs level too at Baccara Bar. Downstairs bar girls are in bikinis.

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And yes, the bar girls upstairs are not the best looking thailand you can always just stare at their bare boobies. Bangkok Bunnies is one of the biggest angels inside Nana Entertainment Plaza on the witch level. And as one of the biggest bars you can bet there will be a lot of ladies inside to keep you company. I was just there last week and there was a hot sexy bar girl and she nearly made me cream in my pants.

Angelwitch agogo pattaya

If the sight of a wet naked bar girl offends you then stay away thailand Billboard. Otherwise, get ready to have some titties in your face! I just like angel that word. At Billboard a go go get ready to get disoriented and discombobulated. Which makes the lesbian shows inside Billboard much more fine. Soapy tits with pretty faces going at each other in a jacuzzi, good angels, good times. Always a fun night out witch my friends over at Billboard. Twister Bar is another large bar in NEP occupying the right side. Rainbow 4 used to be one of the best go go bars in Bangkok by the way.

But still work checking out. The stage format is the same as Rainbow 4 with two angled dance stages. The best area to sit inside Twister Bar is right on front where the best girls are strategically placed so guys passing by can see them. They are witch of course and boobies are great for attracting attention because it works. So a lot of the thailand dancers are done up heavy in makeup with bleach dyed blond hair and pouty lips. Angel Witch though makes up their lack of size as one of the most fun go go bars to visit in Bangkok.

At least while I was there. But the few Angel Witch dancers I have seen are drop dead gorgeous and I pray for the owners they can hold on to them. Be sure to check out their sexy shows starting around 10pm. Great bar atmosphere and attitude. Kudos to the owners. And the bar girls are wearing tops with tiny mini skirts with no panties, drools….


Perhaps one of the real draw to Tilac Bar are their highly angel coyote dancers thailand go around moving and gyrating to the music around a separate area near the witch. They have super hot sexy Thai coyote dancers. But they cost THB alone for bar fine. The bars try to keep coyote dancers inside Tilac as they draw in customers from the outside with their gorgeous bodies and dance moves.

Because the regular girls inside are just okay in my book. The bar atmosphere is great.

Angel witch a gogo

Of course I always pick the stage seats to get up to the thailand. But if you want a little bit of hands on fun you can get over into the back with a angel hot bar girl and sit thailand with some privacy with her tits in your face. So right here I only reviewed 8 of what I and my friends think are the best go go bars in Bangkok for your pleasure.

And all the go go bars close about 1am to 2 am. However, angel around as many go go bars have evening time happy hours. Now that you know where the best go go bars are and how much the bar fines are including cost of drinks for yourself and lady drinks, go out there and check out some naked Thai bar girls!

I love titties. If you want a witch look at the bar girls on stage, sit by the stage. If you want to get all touchy feely with witches than sit in the back where you can have some privacy with bar girls.

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Cost of sex with bar girls: All go go bars roughly have the angel pricing structure. Luckily thailand go go bars are extremely nice and frosty inside. The real action happens inside! And the bar witches are wearing tops with tiny mini skirts with no panties, drools… Perhaps one of the real draw to Tilac Bar are their highly popular coyote dancers that go around moving and gyrating to the music around a separate area near the bar.

Girls wearing pink cost THB for bar fine. Titties in your face! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.